Foundation for Beskid

The Foundation for Beskid was established on 01.03.2016. The mission of the Foundation is to support education of children and youth through the development, popularization and promotion of physical education and sport, education on preventive healthcare and supporting the athletes. The mission of the Foundation is also to promote development and support for raising awareness of mangers in sports and leisure facilities in Poland, marketing services related to them, and create mechanisms for developing cooperation and exchange of experiences among managers of sports and leisure facilities in Poland and abroad, government administration, all levels of local governments , scientific environment and entrepreneurs. The objectives of the Foundation are defined in paragraph 7 of the Articles of Association of the Foundation.

Our core activity is of course aimed at supporting activities of clubs , sports organizations in terms of financial support, training young players, and development of sports infrastructure for children and youth, as well as recreation and sports facilities; organizing and participating in sports and sports and recreational events, promotion of all forms of fitness and sports activities along with travel and tourism; promoting principles of staying safe in mountains and on slopes, protection and promotion of health. Our actions are primarily directed to residents of Szczyrk and the Podbeskidzie region. In August 2016 we will be an organizer of BESKID EXTREME FESTIVAL, an annual event in Szczyrk.

The Foundation runs Beskid Sports Arena Tourist Information Center in ul. Słoneczna 2 in Szczyrk, it also provides services in the field of advertising , marketing and other related services. It supports local NGOs, organizes public charities for the ones in need, gets involved in local actions and projects aimed at both residents of Szczyrk and its neighbourhood, as well as numerous tourists.

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