Rental terms and conditions

We hereby provide you with the extract from regulations of the rental, including the most important rules which apply when renting equipment:

  1. Rental is open non-stop during the centre working hours.
  2. Equipment can be rent solely after the presentation of a proof of identity with a photo and address. In case of equipment classified as TOP and VIP - presentation of 2 proofs of identity with photos and addresses or payment of a deposit (1000 PLN and 1500 PLN respectively) is obligatory.
  3. The rental contract defines the duration of the equipment rental, equipment value as well as Client's identification data.
  4. Accounting document for a fee for rental (bill) is issued after the return of the equipment and after calculating the total amount due by the Client for the period or rental.
  5. After exceeding the declared time of rental, the fee is calculated in compliance with the price list.
  6. The rental does not take responsibility for personal belongings which were left on its premises.
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