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Welcome to the newly emerging sport and leisure centre, Beskid Sports Arena. The resort was designed for a year-round sport and tourism activity. "The family all year round" is the password, which constitutes a guideline for all technical solutions of the Arena.

Our ski resort is intended for beginners as well as for advanced professionals. The main attractions of the facility in summer will be: dry ski run for skiers and modern, gravity luge track.

Beskid Sports Arena is located in Szczyrk, at the end of the valley of Biła creek. The bus stop is located in the vicinity of the resort. There will be 6 parking lots for total 500 vehicles and 5 buses. All parking spaces in the area are free.

Beskid Sports Arena is equipped with a fully automatic snowmaking system provided by “SUPERSNOW”. Our system will consist of 42 stationary cannons, controlled by weather stations and two water tanks with a total capacity of 11,000 m3, equipped with aeration and cooling systems. The snowmaking system is supplemented by snowBOX, the machine enabling the production of snow also in summer.

In the winter season 2016/2017 the resort have 4 ski runs with a total lenght of 3.2 km and an area of 8 ha. For learners a comfortable run No. 2 is dedicated,  equipped with a whole-year plastic surfaceThe flagship resort run is the blue No. 1 with a length of 1200 m. Its attraction is the tunnel 50 meter long, allowing collision-free passage under the planned run no 3. For more advanced customers there are dedicated red colour run No. 2. In the  season17/18 we will open the most difficult, black colour run No. 3 which will be typical slalom run with inclination of slopes up to 45%.

Additionally, two separated zones were prepared: child's zone marked as No. 6, situated at the lower station and sports zone on the peak of a clearing, marked as No. 5, enabling the organization of competitions.

All routes will be equipped with a lighting system.

The total capacity of the chairlift and T-lifts will be at amount up to 5,000 persons per hour. Chairlift and lifts are provided by TATRALIFT. The main is 6 persons chairlift, equipped with heating seats and windshield.

The bottom station have ticket office, restaurant, rental of sports equipment and ski school.

The top station in 2016/2017 season have catering spot. The end of developing station is planned for 2018.

Our little gout "Ignatius of the Beskid Mountains" warm-heartedly invites you to track information on the website www.beskidsportarena.pl, to visit the point of the BSA Tourist Information which is located in Szczyrk at Beskidzka Street 57 as well as to like the official Facebook profile www.facebook.com/beskidsportarena

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