Beskid Extreme Festival

Beskid Extreme Festival is quite a new event on the map of travellers’ meetings, yet it has already had its faithful audience. All who came to " Wiata Góralska " at the Klimczok Resort & SPA Hotel in Szczyrk on 9 January 2016 could experience that. Lectures, discussions, contests with prizes, but above all, a great atmosphere that not only spontaneously responsive audience could get into the spirit of it, but also speakers open to their listeners - this is the shortest summary of the event. 


Housing nearly 300 people, the room was full almost all day, and no one who visited the second edition of the Festival that day, could complain about boredom. There are several reasons why both the organizers and the audience were satisfied . Firstly, not only are the Festival guests in Szczyrk people who travel, climb or enjoy the trip to the maximum amount of excitement and adrenaline, but also they can talk about it with passion. It was no different this time - Przemek Kossakowski and Tomek Michniewicz, both known from TV screens, talked about their adventures with the mountains and wildlife and about unusual people too.


Speeches of Marcin Obałka and Lukasz Dudek and Jacek Matuszek, the world's climbing leaders, who presented the project Alpin Wall Tour were of great interest. Arek Palka took us to Iran, and Maciej Blach let us experience an expedition to the summit of the Carstensz Pyramid in New Guinea. On the other hand, Simon Stawski took us on his 8-year journey around the world. At the end, it was difficult to break away from the history of his alpine career, which was presented by a legend of Polish Himalayan mountaineering - Aleksander Lwow. One of the essential elements of the festival was the public premiere of the film, which shows emerging ski resort in Beskid in Szczyrk - Beskid Sport Arena. An accompanying presentation was made by Maciej Błach, President of the Company PBC from Katowice, which is the investor in Beskid Sport Arena. Then, journalists from the portal conducted a brief press conference after the film premiere. There were questions from the media and the audience gathered in the room - not only did they concern the station itself, but also the overall ski future of Szczyrk, in the broad context of new investments and cooperation of administrators of individual lifts, as well as the city authorities. It is clear that the days of "ski stagnation" in Szczyrk are going out with the window.


After the presentation in the "Wiata Góralska" a short light staging took place outside, with fireworks and downhill skiers with torches from the top to the bottom station of the Beskid ski lift (now under construction). Apart from the visual experience, it is also an irrefutable proof of the proper operation of the artificial snow system, which enabled preparation of the slope despite difficult weather conditions. Prize competitions , which took place after each speech, brought about a lot of joy and fun to the audience. Their founders, as well as the sponsors of the whole event, were the companies related mainly to the ski industry and mountaineering brands - a software and hardware producer related to ski-tickets SKIDATA, a Polish manufacturer of snowmaking equipment SuperSnow, a legendary manufacturer of mountain gear and outdoor clothing - Mammut, a shop and a Polish ski producer Ski Nobile, whose products could be exactly looked at the Festival. Partners of the event were also the Klimczok Hotel,, and portals, as well as the city of Szczyrk and "Pod Górę" Łaziski Mountain Festival. Thanking you for your participation and interest in the event, everyone shall be invited today to participate in the next edition of the Festival, which will take place in the summer of 2016.

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